Houston Fashion Photographer | Field | Nicolett’s Fashion Session

Boho bride; C. Baron Photography; Celebrating; Champagne; Confetti; Glitter; Gold; Happy Bride; Houston's Best Photographer; New Years Eve; Sequins; Sparkly; Sparkly. vintage fur stole; Texas wedding photographer; floppy hat; fox wrap; protea; velvet gown; winter;http://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comhttp://www.cbaronphotography.comI have always been a fan of vintage photos. I could stare at images of women in their flapper gowns for hours just admiring the beauty and uniqueness of the outfit. It makes me smile because at the time, the outfit was so modern and fashion forward. I am so glad these pieces were documented. This made me think of our very own, Nicolett and her fashion session. She is seriously so adorable and such a pleasure to be around.¬†She looked stunning in her pretty velvet dress and floppy hat. Not to mention the accessories that were so carefully selected. We couldn’t have loved this look more. It makes me smile thinking that generations to come will look at these images and appreciate her outfit as much as we do.

For more on this lovely lady, check out the extended gallery.

Photography: C. Baron Photography | HMU: Simple Beauty Artisty | Flowers: Cornelius Florist NW

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