Galveston Wedding Photographer | The Elissa | Nautical Editorial Shoot

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One of my favorite aspects of being a photographer is all of the incredible places we get to see. We’ve visited the Elissa many times. We have been there with couples and photographed bridal sessions there, but it never gets all less stunning. We love any opportunity to visit this amazing piece of history. Naturally, we were very enthused about this breathtaking inspiration shoot. We can’t believe how beautiful everything looked. Our Bride and Groom snuggled and giggled – just as we had hoped. We had such a great time working with some of our favorite vendors and bringing this day to life!

To see more of this lovely day, visit the extended gallery.

Photography: C. Baron Photography | Cinematography: C. Baron Photography

Venue: Elissa, Galveston Historical Foundation | Florist: Island Flowers

Cake: Cakes by Jula | Planner: KG Events

Linens: Majestic Linens| Gown: Nefertiti Gowns

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