Spring Wedding Photographer | Oak Tree Manor | Codi + Brad = Married

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Sometimes when people come together- magic happens. In this case, we started planning a styled shoot around a pretty pink, floral dress. We even designed our cake with the same floral pattern in mind! It was perfect! In the end, we found that we started to have an underlying “Alice in Wonderland” theme. We started incorporating bits and pieces of subtle Alice related décor. We had our rabbit, Cheshire cat, tea party and dessert. As we were finishing hanging our lanterns in the tree, we found a very unexpected…nest? A nest of kittens! It truly doesn’t get any more Alice in Wonderland than that! We hope you love our lovely whimsical Alice as much as we do!

Photography: C. Baron Photography | Videography: C. Baron Photography

Planning and décor: A&E Weddings and Events | Florals: College Park Flowers

Invitation and Paper: My Urban Invites | Venue: Oak Tree Manor

Cake: Edible Moments | Hair and Makeup: Lisa Pelayo Makeup and Beauty

Rentals:  Sweet Tea and Linen | Gown: Damsel White Label

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