Advice from a Former Bride | Thanks for the Memories| C. Baron’s Guide to a Perfect Day

I had a day where I was feeling very reminiscent of my wedding day. As I started looking at my photos, I very quickly realized that I had forgotten many of the details I loved so very much. This surprised me because I do have a good memory and I did everything in my power to really take in my wedding day. I wanted to remember all of the details, the smells and most importantly how I felt. When I started realizing how little I remembered, I decided to watch my wedding video. While watching the video, I realized there were even more details completely forgotten. Surprisingly, I also remembered how I felt at certain moments. That alone is a separate post for another day.C. Baron Photography, backyard, Beaumont Wedding Photographer, Calder Place, candleabra, candles, elegant, historic neighborhood, Houston Wedding Photographer, lace, magnolia, oak tree, paper lanterns, pink, southern, spring, Texas

There are so many details that you can forget. So. Many. I will continually stress this because it is true. It has happened to every Bride I have ever met. We spend an absurd amount of time planning every single detail of our wedding day. Every Bride thinks that there is absolutely no way they can forget any of it. It is so easy to think “I hand chose this detail. I put my heart and soul into this DIY project. This piece was super stressful. I won’t be able to forget any of this.” Wrong. It goes by so fast. I married a mere 3.5 years ago and there are so many things I have already forgotten. When I talk about my wedding with the C. Baron team, it is crazy the number of things that I realized I had forgotten and memories I still can’t recollect. Apparently, I had an amazing coffee bar and delicious dessert station. The dessert station I remember…not that I actually got to eat any of it! Still a little bitter I didn’t get any of that chocolate mousse…

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This is what I remember from my wedding day:

I can remember talking with my hairdresser while having my hair done. She had cut my hair, my mother’s hair, and my grandmother’s hair for thirteen years, so it seemed fitting that she did this for me. After leaving our hotel, my mother talked me into eating Whataburger to have something in my stomach. I can’t forget the moment I walked into the room where my reception would be held. It was so pretty. I was just so relieved that everything came together. There was so much yellow. There was a ton of stuff EVERYWHERE in my dressing room. I still don’t think the majority of that belonged to me. My dad came in telling me that one of the groomsmen forgot his pants, which threw my Matron of Honor into a fit of rage. Matron of Honor found pants for groomsman. She was a hero. Seriously. Next thing I remember, I was standing at the gate waiting to see my husband. Hearing my beautiful entrance song. Seeing my husband. Seeing my husband start crying and holding his clasped fist to his mouth. Taking pictures with family and bridal party. Getting my food. Realizing there were no mashed potatoes, as requested. Sitting down with husband. Dancing with my sister. Eating TGI Fridays with my husband at midnight.

That’s it. That is all I can remember. It is strange the little things you remember, but the big things you don’t.

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Ladies and gentlemen, what I am saying is there is no way to prevent this memory loss. I just don’t think it is possible. Your day is a big whirlwind of events and your mind is so overstimulated. It is overstimulated by excitement, joy, beautiful things, and incredible life changing moments. There just isn’t enough room in the human brain to recall all of these beautiful memories.

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Therefore, we should document, document, document. Your wedding day is a huge event in your family history. You are starting your legacy. You want to be able to show this day to your great-grandchildren. Most importantly, choose an excellent photographer who you TRUST. I mean really trust. However, I can tell you so many horror stories. I have a cousin who received a total of 5 of horrible images of her  wedding day, a best friend who doesn’t have any photos of her and her immediate family and a former co-worker whose photographer didn’t show up to her wedding. Be sure your photographer will capture all of your “little” moments, not just posed photos. Sometimes this can be difficult to find. You know, Mom helping you get ready, Dad’s reaction when he sees you for the first time, the nervous giggle you share with your girls, the moment you finally walk down the aisle and see your future… these are the moments you dream about. Make sure you do everything you can to remember this beautiful, amazing, wonderful day. If possible, hire a videographer. Save your friend’s and family’s photos. Even if they are silly, because they will still mean something to you later on. Once this day is over, that is it. All you have are these little pieces of documentation and your memories. Trust me. You are going to thank yourself for this later.

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