Aggie Engagements | Aggie Wedding Photographer | COTTON BOWL BOUND 2012

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HOWDY Ags!  I know we have lots of Aggie fans – are you ready for the Cotton Bowl and Johnny Football on Friday night?   I still can’t believe we have a Heisman winner, and a freshman at that!  Gig’em! 

And since there are so many Aggies amongst us, (I can’t tell you how many times C. Baron has done the Aggie War Hymn at a wedding – there aren’t enough fingers and toes between us all), I thought it would be fun to share some of the engagement sessions we’ve done in Aggieland over the last year.  We’ve hit all the high spots from the Dixie Chicken, to the Aggie Barn, to various important campus landmarks, like Sully, the Academic Building and even Kyle Field.  I have to say, it was pretty awesome to hold the keys to such hallowed grounds. 

Lots of traditions, lots of memories and lots of romances start at Texas A&M and colleges across the country.  I count ourselves lucky in this New Year to have met so many great couples over the last year, from A&M and beyond.  As we gear up for 2013, we look forward to meeting even more!   And hopefully, we’ll have some return trips to Aggieland! 

As far as the Cotton Bowl – BTHO OU!  WHOOP!

College Station Wedding Photographer, Aggie Engagement Photography, Aggieland, Texas A&M University, Houston Cinematic Wedding Films

Our Aggie couples like to show their true colors! WHOOP!

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