diana + scooter = MARRIED! | Houston Wedding Photographer

 Palmer Episcopal Church, Houston Engagement Photography, Rice University, Beer Pong.

Happy New Year from C. Baron Photography!  I just can’t believe it’s 2012 already.  We had such an exciting 2011 and met so many wonderful people and made some great friends – all because of a little thing called photography!  We are so grateful to be able to share our clients’  life-changing milestones with them:  Weddings then comes Maternity, Newborn, Family portraits and Seniors.  And then the process starts all over! It’s been a fantastic year!

Since it’s been such a fantastic year, we’ve been crazy busy lately.  That doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging.  We have more help now, though and it’s starting to make a difference – Donna works as an office administrator and we have Mo and Jennifer shooting with us now.  Of course, Robert, Sandra and I are shooting all events.  C. Baron is growing stronger every day. 

We debated on whether or not we should attend the big bridal show this past weekend and ultimately did not (because we were already so busy).  We did, however, talk about wedding cakes for some reason.  And when we talk about wedding cakes, it reminds me of Diana and Scooter’s wedding a couple of month’s ago.  This cake has the BEST story behind it. 

Believe me, we’ve seen some unbelievable cakes at some pretty incredible weddings – it’s amazing what some artists can do with flour, sugar and eggs!  But Diana’s cake was the best – it was made by the groom and the groomsmen!  At their reception at Treebeard’s, there were photos of the guys in the kitchen making the cake.  So hilarious!  But all laughing aside, it had one of the best flavors yet! 

You have to love the cake topper, too – we took sooooo many photos of this cake! LOL

Their wedding was at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church on Main St. in Houston.  Another unique touch?  They had St. Thomas Episcopal High School’s Bag Pipe Band “play them out” – love the panoramic of the bridal party with the band in front of the church.   

Oh – forgot about the engagement images – we shot that session a few month’s before the wedding.  It my first Rice tailgate and first time to do an e-session playing beer pong!  LOL.  The guys got ready at Kay’s Lounge on the wedding day – another Rice hangout. 

Overall,  such a great experience with such a fun couple. We wish them and you nothing but the best for 2012.  Enjoy the images! 

Houston Wedding Photographer, Treebeards, Kay's Lounge, Rice University,

Love the bagpipe band!

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