ranjita + suchin = MARRIED! | Houston S. Asian Wedding Photographer

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Time is just flying by!  Can you believe it’s already October?!?!  The holidays will be here before you know it!  C. Baron Photography is busy booking holiday portrait sessions for our families and friends looking to create a wonderful holiday card.  Not only can we create a beautiful portrait for you, but we can create a luxurious card that will be the envy of your friends!

Trying to get into  holiday mode when it’s still kinda warm outside is pretty difficult thing to do for us Texans – thinking about how hot it’s been reminded me of this wedding we shot back in June.  Ranjita and Suchin were married at Safari Texas, a beautiful venue in Fort Bend county (technically Richmond, Texas).  Ranjita just looked gorgeous – we really had a great time with the couple and their families during the 4 hour ceremony.  We took some wonderful images during the wedding – just love the colors, textures, etc.  Also included some shots from their engagement session taken about a month before their wedding – love the Bollywood feel of those images.

Happy Friday, y’all – have a great weekend!  Enjoy the images.

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Love this shot of the bride through the gorgeous fabric on her mandap.




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