luly + hahn = MARRIED! | Spring Wedding Photographer

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OMG.  It finally rained last night!  And we were lucky enough to get about an inch or so.  Our lawn is breathing a big sigh of relief!   It was a pretty severe thunderstorm, too – lots of lightning,  thunder – which reminded me of Luly and Hahn’s wedding back in July.

It hasn’t rained much in this part of the country lately – and on their wedding day, we could see the storm clouds forming.  It did finally rain and the venue lost power sporadically.  That didn’t stop the party, though!  C. Baron had a great time – Spring Chateau is a beautiful venue and the (necessary!) candlelight had everything awash in gorgeous color.  Luly’s sorority sisters were all there and presented her with roses.  The groomsmen had the couple play an interesting game…..more fun for the guests than the couple, more than likely!

You can check out their engagement session  HERE on the blog.

Enjoy the images.

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Gorgeous bouquet!

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